Your patient handling equipment will always work more smoothly and last longer if kept clean. We offer regular cleaning of your equipment as part of our maintenance service or as a separate provision. All stationary and moving parts do require a thorough clean in addition to regular daily or per-use cleaning. This will minimise if not eliminate sticking hinges, rubbing wheels or any build up preventing the efficient and safe operation of that equipment. Regular cleaning also prevents cracking and splitting of vinyl seats/cushions as well as deterioration of padding handles or rubbers.

Clean equipment is essential to minimise exposure to diseases and infection to medics, carers as well as subsequent patients’. It also reduced possible contamination between other equipment stored nearby. All Medistryke staff clean your equipment as per manufacturers’ instructions using only quality, noncorrosive disinfectants and products.

We can customise a maintenance schedule to include the cleaning of your stretchers, stairchairs and splints. We disinfect each item then wax/ lubricate any components that require it, according to manufacturers instructions to maintain optimum hygienic standards for you and your patients.

Medical Stretcher cleaning and servicing