Routine inspection of patient handling equipment is crucial to identify problems before they cause damage, accident or injury. It is recommended that all companies establish a maintenance schedules that includes thorough disinfection, cleaning, inspection, servicing and lubrication of all stretchers, stair chairs and transport equipment. Medistryke will remove the complication of this by providing the convenience of a fully trained and experienced mobile technician to do this for you. These regular, qualified, inspections are very comprehensive and can often pick up safety issues which routine daily inspections may miss.

Stretcher Repairs and Maintenance

Here are some of the areas we focus on when assessing equipment.

• Are all components present including clips, brackets and hinges?
• Is the equipment free of excessive wear on handles etc plus areas prone to friction from use or storage?
• Are all screws, nuts, bolts, rivets and roll pins at the right tension?
• Do all moving parts operate smoothly and properly?
• Does the device move into and lock properly into each position?
• Does the device load and unload properly?
• Do wheels spin as required? Does braking system function correctly?
• How much tread is left on tyres/wheels?
• Do all safety mechanisms work at 100%?
• Are the restraints properly installed and in working order?
• Is restraint webbing in good condition, with no cuts, frayed edges or hygiene concerns?
• Are restraint buckles free of visible damage and do they operate?
• Do installed accessories operate properly without interfering with device operation?
• Is the ambulance/storage location properly prepared for the device (with approved fasteners and safety hook/s installed)?


We also offer the patient handling equipment cleaning as either part of our regular equipment inspection, repairs & maintenance service or as a separate provision.

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