Repairs and Maintenance

Stretchers, stairchairs and donway splints are among some of the most utilised and important peices of equipment required in an emergency situation. Paramedics, medical staff and carers rely upon these items to perform their roles as well as  to protect their patients from further injury or discomfort.

Regularly maintaining patient handling equipment also helps reduce expensive repairs and prolongs the life of your equipment. Our Medistryke staff are fully qualified to service, repair and maintain all your patient transport equipment including stair chairs, scoop stretchers and donway splints and stretchers.

We have fully equipped mobile teams to carry out all maintenance and servicing at your workplaces, to ensure minimal disruption to your productivity. We also have a workshop based in Nambour, Queensland on the Sunshine Coast where we can carry out equipment maintenance as required.

Combi Carrier RepairsMedistryke’s team are fully qualified in:

  • Stryker M1 stretchers
  • Stryker M1 stairchair
  • Stryker power loader
  • Stryker power pro XT stretcher
  • Ferno 2650
  • Ferno 26t
  • Ferno 50
  • Ferno stairchair
  • Ferno scoop stretcher
  • Donway splint

Why is maintenance important?

Neglected equipment, or equipment that is poorly maintained could become the cause of injury to patients and or staff. Faulty equipment may even prevent the ability to provide adequate essential patient care. It is imperative for all working components on stretchers and patient handling equipment be in working order at all times to ensure your patients are provided with sufficient care. Regular use, incorrectly used, moving parts and even transportation in and out of vehicles can all cause wear and tear over time. Medistryke staff are trained to identify these variables which can save you (the customer) money, time, equipment down-time and patient injury or discomfort.


Our qualified technicians are able to carry out all repairs that may be required. We have an in-house fully equipped workshop to carry out these repairs to ensure minimal disruption to your workplace.

Medistryke provide a Queensland wide service agent for all Stryker stretchers and Stryker stair chairs, as well as Ferno stretchers, loaders and stair chairs. We offer mobile servicing for ambulance services, sporting clubs, nursing homes and funeral homes etc. We can travel to you, in and around Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast as well as right out west plus far north Queensland.